Tatum's Sweet Treats
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Growing up, dessert was the highlight of my childhood. I loved spending my time baking Nestle chocolate chip cookies and brownies with my mom, piling desserts on my plate at holiday buffets, and eagerly awaiting the birthday cookie bars that my mom would bring to school for my class treat. Everything about sweets fascinated me. As I got older, baking became my stress reliver, place of happiness, and creative outlet. I wanted to share my treats with others and create pieces of edible artwork that people could enjoy. That's when Tatum's Sweet Treats began. I opened up my business in 2014 as a freshman in high school. Throughout the past four years, I've had the privledge of working with not only private clients, but country clubs and other catering businesses. Each order has taught me something new and made me even more thankful for the constant support I recieve.  I learn more and more about myself and my capablities everyday. 

It is now 2018 and I'm attending my dream school: The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Enrolled in the Bachelor's program for Food Business Management and Baking & Pastry Arts, I'm pursuing my dream one day at a time. I looking forward to coming back home and opening up for orders during my holiday breaks and hopefully, one day, returning to the Chicagoland to open up my own storefront. 

I'm so thankful and incredibly excited to be sharing my journey with all of you. 

Stay Sweet,